Does Your Vehicle Have the Power It Needs? Call Hurricane Off-Road, L.L.C.

Schedule drivetrain repairs and auto repairs in Lake Charles, LA

Is your off-road vehicle getting the power it needs in four-wheel drive? Hurricane Off-Road, L.L.C. makes transfer case, driveshaft, and differential repairs in Lake Charles, LA to make sure you’re getting the power and torque you need. Our experienced crew can set you up with any type of repair/upgrade based on your needs and what you’re using your vehicle for. Our auto repair services include:

  • Installing custom axle housings
  • Installing lockers
  • Replacing or repairing the transfer case
  • Changing grear ratio
  • Upgrading axle shafts

You want to be sure your vehicle has balanced power at the front and rear axles. Visit Hurricane Off-Road today for auto repair and performance enhancement services in Lake Charles, LA.

We’ll get your gear ratio set up right

We’ll make sure you have the right gear ratio for racing down dirt tracks or crawling up rocks. We can also install double transfer cases to multiply your gear ratio choices. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for off-roading by bringing it to Hurricane Off-Road today.